Steps you can take today towards zero-waste living!

So what is zero waste living?

The idea of producing zero waste, although it works for some, is unrealistic for others and can be discouraging. Instead, think about it as a lifestyle where you are more mindful of what/how we consume, and how we dispose. Limiting excess by reducing consumption and being thoughtful about the lifecycles of our possessions can go a long way. Here are some ways you can get started today. Incorporate these tips into your routine in a way that works for you so that it can be a long-term strategy:)


  • Put junk mail to good use. Use it for lists or art projects!
  • Reuse a cardboard box to hold scrap paper or other misc. objects
  • Turn old t-shirts into rags
  • Send paperless invites and holiday cards. Send e-cards instead!
  • Reusable bags and containers for groceries, shopping, leftovers, etc
  • Borrow items from friends and neighbors - some things that aren’t used often you both don’t need, which saves you money as well!
  • Shop local, this can save plastic from packaging and shipping, and lower carbon impact too
  • Use recycled, plastic-free toilet paper
  • Use your phone for grocery lists, electronic coupons and calendar reminders instead of paper
  • Refuse excess plastics and packaging (ie, plastic cups, plates, silverware, plastic bags)


Send us a message if you have other tips you want to share!:)