Beginners Guide to Minimalism | Sustainable Blog Edition #24

Beginners Guide to Minimalism | Sustainable Blog Edition #24

Sustainable Blog Edition #24. March 14, 2022 - 8:01AM

A more minimalistic lifestyle is all about "living intentionally". More thoughtfulness goes into what makes you happy and what you really feel that you need. It is about understanding the value of everything around you. We're here to give you a few easy ways to get started and tap into that mindset so you can be successful <3


Ask yourself: what is your "why"?

In order to successfully make a lifestyle change, it is important to tie this change to your core values. Forming and following through with new habits and routines is much easier when they’re connected to something we care deeply about! Remember, minimalism is all about living intentionally:) 


Pause before spending; practice mindfulness

Ask yourself if the item is something you will really get use out of and will positively impact your life. Taking the time to think about a purchase lessons the chance of an impulse buy- 



In my opinion, this is the most intimidating part-but also the most rewarding and refreshing. Start small and get organized, making a checklist is a great way to get started! Choose one part of your home to focus on and decide what you want to get rid of, what you can repurpose, and start finding every single item a home. Durable, multi-use items are a great way to not end up having a ton of extra stuff around. Decluttering your space is a great way to declutter your mind as well:)


Take Advantage of what you already have and what's around you

When you're decluttering and becoming more intentional about your decisions, that can bring about a newfound appreciation for things around you! Restaurants and local parks are great things to explore and bring excitement into your life without accumulating more items!

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