Our Wellness Formula: Values and Goals

1. Connect on a mind, body, and spirit level with our partners and clients. 

2. Always try our best and remove negativity. Positive and Kind vibes only! 

3. Manufacture all garments in LA, but if its a custom order and we can't; we will do our best to find the most cost effective and earth friendly way to meet the needs :) 

4. Reduce the carbon footprint with minimal to zero importing on sourcing projects and everything shipped in recycled packaging. 

5. Fabrics: Use RPET, recycled fabrics, high quality local fabrics, organic cottons, recycled poly, cotton blends, and minimal spandex.

6. Colors: Try to offer more natural dyes, sublimated dye process, or alternative print processes (avoiding extra toxins).

7. Brand Development: Create a killer assortment with custom tags per client or partner; with sublimation and recycled print fabric/paper.

8. Our People: Staying forever committed to ensuring our workers have a voice in the organization and are always treated fairly with healthy, fair and safe working conditions.

9. Marketing: A holistic approach and partner on key initiatives with our clients for organic growth.