Farm-To-Table | Sustainable Blog Edition #23

Farm-To-Table | Sustainable Blog Edition #23

Sustainable Blog Edition #23

Why Choose Farm-To-Table?


Farm-To-Table is a fairly simple concept and process. Products, like produce, meat, flowers, etc., are brought straight from a local farm to a community area (such as a farmers’ market). People from that community then purchase those local products and take them home. A recently renewed interest in eco-friendly, healthy, and simple living, has been bringing more popularity to this movement.


This path of buying your food is super environmentally friendly. Think about all the planes, boats, trucks and trains it can take for food to come from further away! The produce at your local farmers’ market only traveled a short distance to get to you. If you are someone trying to simplify your life, farm to table is a simple concept and great way to do so. It cuts out the middleman and provides you with fresh and healthy produce faster. These days we are living in a world full of technology; a lot of which has affected our food consumption. Another benefit of conscious shopping is that by choosing farm-to-table, you’re supporting your local farmers with every purchase. 

Let us know your favorite farm-to-table recipes and how shopping this way has affected you!:)

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