How a Plant-Based Diet Is A Win-Win | Sustainable Blog Edition #19

How a Plant-Based Diet Is A Win-Win | Sustainable Blog Edition #19

Sustainable Blog Edition #19.

You probably have a pretty good understanding of how the food you eat makes you feel. But did you know how much those choices can also impact the environment?  Rainforests are routinely cut down for livestock agriculture, so choosing a diet more rich in fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans, and fish can be good for both you and the climate! A win-win. 

A common misconception with limiting meat consumption is that it’s all or nothing. You don’t have to give up meat or dairy 100% to make a contribution; we are all about imperfectly sustainable here! You should do what works best for you and your lifestyle, this approach tends to make a higher impact in the long run. For starters, go with the “flexitarian” diet. Work on reducing your intake of meat and processed foods. You’ll probably feel better for it too! 

To slow climate change, shifting your diet is something you can do to benefit the planet and to do your part.

We love finding new yummy recipes on the blog Minimalist Baker! The blog is great for anyone with more specific dietary restrictions as well.

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