Keys To Building A Sustainable Brand | Sustainable Blog Edition #40

Keys To Building A Sustainable Brand | Sustainable Blog Edition #40

Sustainable Blog Edition #40

Building your dream brand isn’t easy, and it’s even harder to build a brand from the ground up sustainably. At Lazy Hype we are doing our best to navigate this process as well. Here are a few tips we have learned along the way to build a sustainable brand.


Source sustainable from the start:

It may seem obvious, but if you want to build a sustainable brand, start small! It could be far more difficult to switch sourcers later down the road while keeping the same product your customers have come to love. Additionally it might be easier to find sources that can produce sustainably in small quantities at first.


Know Your Supply Chain:

Supply chain transparency has become a pivotal focus of consumers shopping for sustainable goods. Do you know where all your goods come from, or who is making them? Finding suppliers who share their chain of production from start to finish is vital for backing sustainable claims. Being able to provide accurate data on your supply chain .


Produce Locally; Ship Sustainably:

All of our packaging and clothing is made and shipped from LA, significantly reducing our logistical carbon emissions. Furthermore, our labels and boxes are made from recycled paper, and our poly bags are biodegradable. Next step is on you to make sure you recycle our packing and keep the cycle going! 

Reducing Waste:

There are many ways brands create waste outside of packaging. A great way to create change is to see how waste is handled in your production. Finding ways to recycle your waste both inside and outside of your company is a great start! Scraps could be turn into tags or other types of packaging and used to inform your customers.

Pick a Problem:

What is your brand's purpose? Are you just trying to be sustainable for its own sake or are you attempting to tackle an issue in your industry? It is important to give your customers a reason to support your brand. Show your customers how you are making a real difference so they too can make change. 


What happens at the end of your product's lifecycle? Is the product something that is biodegradable or recyclable? Is there anything you can do as a brand to take products back and dispose of them properly or give them a second life? Many brands today are exploring ways to extend their products' lives or reuse them later. 


How can your customers join you on your sustainable journey? A great way to extend the impact of your brand is to find ways to educate your customers on ways they can make a difference at home.

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