New Arrivals: Ecophant Home Goods | Sustainable Blog Edition #36

New Arrivals: Ecophant Home Goods | Sustainable Blog Edition #36

Sustainable Blog Edition #36.


In our attempts to create a more holistic sustainable life style, Lazy Hype has begun carrying Ecophant Home Goods. Now available in the Accessories section of our shop you will find a variety of sustainable children’s and home items.


Who is Ecophant?

Ecophant is a a female-founded company based in Los Angeles, California. Their eco-friendly products offer better alternatives for you to help keep the earth and your home clean and healthy. All of their products are certified - from BCorp, 1% for the Planet, Fair Trade, and more. Ecophant works hard to ensure that you can trust that everything in their shop is giving some love back to the environment. From zero plastic waste packaging to 100% natural and biodegradable ingredients, they are helping to make the world a greener place, one product at a time




 Ecophant finds ways to use alternative materials to replace waste in our everyday lives. A great example is the Coconut Shell Cups which are made from shells discarded as waste. The polished bowls are perfect for smoothies, yogurt, acai and more.






 We also carry a variety of toiletries including hair brushes, toothbrushes, and hair ties. This brush is made from sustainable fast-growing bamboo, reducing plastic waste and gentle on your hair. It is a great way to reduce static and breakage while leaving your hair healthy and detangled.




Lastly we have a variety of eco-friendly children's products from Ecophant. Check out these gorgeous Danish Stacking Cups and Stacking Rings which are 100% non-toxic, BPA and phthalate free. Stacking toys are a great way to develop your child's fine motor skills and physical coordination. The basic skills learned from stacking toys become the foundation for more complex tasks like using a writing instrument


We are so excited about the introduction of Ecophant products to our store and we can’t wait to see where the collaboration takes us in the future!

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