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Sustainable Bars | Sustainable Blog Edition #37

Sustainable Blog Edition #37.


It’s a new year and that brings new opportunities to make conscious sustainable choices on a day to day basis. The beverage industry isn’t generally what comes to mind when discussing sustainability, however here at Lazy Hype we like to look at our impact throughout all aspects of our lives. Even when we are having a night out we want to think about how we can reduce our impact and support companies that are doing the same. For this week's sustainable blog we look at 6 sustainable bars in Los Angeles.


Best High-End Bar: Providence LA



Providence bar is a Michelin Star awarded restaurant and bar on Melrose Ave which specializes in using leftover kitchen ingredients to build a unique cocktail menu daily. This bar will certainly take its toll on your wallet but you can’t put a price on world class zero-waste drinks.





Best Dive Bar: Harvard & Stone



If your style is something a little more divey, Harvard & Stone is the perfect sustainable healthy drinking destination. The bar finds ways to limit unhealthy ingredients through carefully balanced spices and health oriented ingredients as well as non-alcoholic botanical cocktails. Additionally garnishes from cocktails are turned into syrups to flavor future cocktails. 




Best Zero-Waste Bar: Bathtub Gin


About: This prohibition themed cocktail bar began in New York before expanding to Los Angeles. They are also pursuing zero-waste bartending by working with their chef to cross utilize ingredients for cocktails. The owners say it creates a truly special challenge which requires inventiveness of flavors and seasons to build truly one of a kind drinks.



Best Wine Bar: Tabula Rasa


About: Tabula Rasa Shop in North Hollywood features a large selection of organic and sustainable wines, sakes, beers as well as an array of conservas, charcuterie, and cheeses If you are looking for something more casual or to take a bottle home, this is the place for you.






Best Vegan Bar: Pura Vita


About: Pura Vita, located in West Hollywood, is the first 100% Plant-Based Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar in the USA! At Pura Vita we have created a unique dining experience that has the ambiance of a New York City wine bar with a traditional menu reflecting the best of Southern Italy. We pride ourselves on using the best organic, sustainable, clean, plant-based ingredients.





Best Non-Alcoholic Bar: New Bar


About: New Bar is a full non-alcoholic cocktail shop and tasting bar located in Venice Beach. They feature a huge selection of non-alcoholic spirits, mixers, bitters, beers, and aperitifs perfect for those who don’t drink or want to avoid next day hangovers. Many components in non-alcoholic cocktails are derived from botanical ingredients with much more sustainable processes than traditional spirits. 

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