Steps you can take today towards zero-waste living! | Sustainable Blog Edition #18

Steps you can take today towards zero-waste living! | Sustainable Blog Edition #18

Sustainable Blog Edition #18.

So what is zero waste living?

The idea of producing zero waste, although it works for some, is unrealistic for others and can be discouraging. Instead, think about it as a lifestyle where you are more mindful of what/how we consume, and how we dispose. Limiting excess by reducing consumption and being thoughtful about the lifecycles of our possessions can go a long way. Here are some ways you can get started today. Incorporate these tips into your routine in a way that works for you so that it can be a long-term strategy:)


  • Put junk mail to good use. Use it for lists or art projects!
  • Reuse a cardboard box to hold scrap paper or other misc. objects
  • Turn old t-shirts into rags
  • Send paperless invites and holiday cards. Send e-cards instead!
  • Reusable bags and containers for groceries, shopping, leftovers, etc
  • Borrow items from friends and neighbors - some things that aren’t used often you both don’t need, which saves you money as well!
  • Shop local, this can save plastic from packaging and shipping, and lower carbon impact too
  • Use recycled, plastic-free toilet paper
  • Use your phone for grocery lists, electronic coupons and calendar reminders instead of paper
  • Refuse excess plastics and packaging (ie, plastic cups, plates, silverware, plastic bags)


Send us a message if you have other tips you want to share!:)


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