Sustainable Footwear | Sustainable Blog Edition #27

Sustainable Footwear | Sustainable Blog Edition #27

Sustainable Blog Edition #27. April 25, 2022 - 8:37AM

We've talked a lot about our carbon footprints - but what about our ACTUAL footprints? Shoes are something we wear every day and there are many brands that work to make sure those boots-made-for-walkin are made in a more sustainable way. Since Lazy Hype is based in CA we're going to focus on brands based there for today. Keep reading to find out more!


1. Matisse Footwear

This brand based in Los Angeles, LA follows fair labor standards to the sustainable practices and penchant for small-scale artisanal production in family-owned factories. Check them out for women/children’s shoes of many kinds, including a vegan collection (PETA approved)!


2. Toms

Toms gives back ⅓ of profits through grassroots organizations, uses eco-friendly packaging/materials, and is a certified B-Corp. The brand has given over 100 million pairs of shoes to children in need. They sell classic shoes for both adults and children, and are focused on reducing their carbon footprint, giving back, and transparency - things we are a big fan of. 


3.  Allbirds

Based in San Francisco, Allbirds was born with the mission to use natural materials to make shoes ethically. They are also a certified B-Corp, as well as being carbon-neutral and WRAP- & SMETA-certified production. The sustainable materials they use include ones like FSC-certified Tencel lyocell and Merino wool. You can find a variety of comfy adult shoes with this brand!

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