Sustainable Home - Brooklyn, NY Version | Sustainable Blog Edition #25

Sustainable Home - Brooklyn, NY Version | Sustainable Blog Edition #25


Based in Brooklyn, NY, Etsy is a great place to go to support sustainable small sellers and fair trade artisans. The company is a certified B Corp and is powered by renewable energy too! There are countless items to choose from from a wide range of categories. Even better, Etsy offsets all carbon emissions from shipments, so you don't have to stress over carbon footprints. 


Uncommon Goods

Our second Brooklyn, NY based company, Uncommon Goods uses eco-friendly packaging and is also a Certified B Corp! Artisans from around the world create one-of-a-kind items, so it is great to create a unique space. They give back too! A portion of every order is donated via Better to Give program.


West Elm

Lastly for today we have West Elm. They are Fair Trade Certified, have local makers, and carry organic collections! You'll find a chic stylish aesthetic here. Over $200M has been invested in artisan communities and local craftspeople, and over half the wood furniture is sustainably sourced!


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