Imperfectly Sustainable | Out First Sustainable Blog Post

Imperfectly Sustainable | Out First Sustainable Blog Post

Sustainable Blog Edition #1. 3.8.21 - 3:15PM

Life isn’t perfect… and neither is sustainability. Think of it like this… sustainability is like your dream relationship. You’ve finally found a boyfriend or girlfriend who’s everything: supportive, compassionate, funny, giving, and a great cook. In short: they’re perfect. However, regardless of how great of a person he or she is, every relationship has its compromises and challenges. While the idea of living a completely sustainable life is perfect, the truth is, sustainable living requires compromises of its own.

The urgency of the global climate crisis can feel very overwhelming, like nothing we can do as individuals will ever make a big enough difference. The truth is, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to making an eco-friendly effort. Any attempt at living a more sustainable lifestyle is better than none at all. Every strive that’s made is an inspiring attempt at a more sustainable world

So, while there’s no such thing as being perfectly sustainable, any attempt you make to reduce your carbon footprint is perfect enough. 

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