Sustainable LA | Sustainable Blog Edition #10

Sustainable LA | Sustainable Blog Edition #10

Sustainable Blog Edition #10.

Living a sustainable life is deeper than just buying products that are sustainably made. Living a sustainable life also means being as waste free as possible. Some of the normal things we use everyday, such as dish soap, hair care products, laundry detergent, household cleaners, are stored in plastic containers that are not good for the environment. How to combat that waste? Refillable station stores. These refillable stores will let you fill up on everyday personal items.

It’s pretty easy, you can bring your own bottle from home or you can buy one from the ones that store provides; fill up as much as you would like on products you need. Then, when you run out of those items, just go back to that store with your reusable containers and do the process again. Within no time you will see how less you throw away!

Los Angeles provides several zero-waste refill stations, and here are some of the ones we love:

Sustain LA

Sustain LA believes in sending absolutely nothing to landfills and that zero waste is a way of life. Sustain LA is a women-owned small business in Highland Park. Their mission is to “a space that brings together zero waste events and living- a beautiful place to explore and learn, throw a party, and find all your zero waste living essentials”.




R[eco]ntained has retail and online we give you the possibility to refill your clean containers with a range of sustainably sourced and quality products. They believe in transparency and accountability, so they offer full lists of product ingredients displaying healthy, safe, and cruelty free products.

Naked Frankie

Naked Frankie is a delivery refillable station that caters to the greater Los Angeles area. They believe that the Earth is in a crisis and they wanted to create Naked Frankie to help create a more healthy world for their community. They believe Naked Frankie for the everyday person, “for those who are busy meeting deadlines, those who require specific products, those who have sensitive skin, those who are indulgent, those who are exhausted from their week, and, frankly, those who are lazy”.

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