Sustainable Body | Sustainable Blog Edition #11

Sustainable Body | Sustainable Blog Edition #11

Sustainable Blog Edition #11.

Sizing has become more than just the size you wear. At Lazy Hype, we want to enhance the thought process of looking past those numbers. As we present our size chart, we want to motivate others to have a sustainable mindset when it comes to the size you wear. 

It’s important to know that you can wear what makes you feel comfortable. Whether you feel comfortable in a XXL or a XXS, it honestly doesn’t matter. The size you wear does not make you better or worse than anyone else. It’s important to look beyond what size you wear. With that being said, at Lazy Hype we love all sizes and representing those sizes is important to us. 

One shouldn’t have to hate being in a fitting room and trying on clothes. The clothes are supposed to fit you and you’re not supposed to fit into the clothes.

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