Sustainable Strategies for 2022 | Sustainable Blog Edition #14

Sustainable Strategies for 2022 | Sustainable Blog Edition #14

Sustainable Blog Edition #14.

Can you believe it’s 2022 already? Even if you’re not one for new year’s resolutions, if you’re here you probably care about the environment. Keep reading to find out some easy strategies to implement into your routine to make this year the kindest we can on the Earth:)


Focus on “slow” fashion options

The fast fashion industry has many environmental and ethical implications! Look into the brans you buy from to see if they source sustainable, use eco-friendly fabrics and dyes, and do their best to limit their carbon footprint!


Make the switch to eco-friendly personal hygiene and beauty products

These days there are so many more eco-friendly products out there - once you run out of the products you have, look into those that are sourced responsibly and ethically, use eco-friendly packaging, and avoid any harsh or damaging ingredients or microplastics in them!


Choose public transportation

Take the bus or subway to reduce your carbon emissions from driving your own car! Better yet, if you can, choose to bike! Exercise, fresh air, AND better for the environment? Yes, please.


Swap out single-use items at home

Items such as reusable containers versus plastic bags greatly help reduce each person’s individual waste at home!


Invest in a reusable mug

In out previous blog you’ll find an article with a list of coffee shops all around NYC that take reusable cups! Ask your barista if that is something their cafe does, oftentimes you’ll save a bit of $ each time, and who doesn’t want that?


Bring your reusable bags

Take out those totes! No matter where you're off to, it's a good idea to carry a reusable bag with you. Not only are they cute, but when you make a purchase you'll be saving a lot of plastic (and those annoying bag fees!) by having your own bag with you. 



A little creativity can go a long way in helping take care of the environment! Try to repurpose your things instead of throwing them away. Old mug? Or a new pencil holder? This is the time to harness those skills from DIY projects and put them to use!

Remember - it’s okay to start slow, the important thing is to start! Small changes lead to bigger ones, and everyone has the power to make an impact. Here’s to a brighter, more sustainable future in years to come!

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