A Lazy(Hype) Girl’s Guide to Sustainability: 4 Easy Ways to Incorporate Eco-Friendly Habits into Your Daily Routine | Sustainable Blog Edition #2

Sustainable Blog Edition #2. 3.8.21 - 3:15PM

Nowadays, being conscious of the planet is all the rage. While we love an #ecofriendly moment, Lazy Hype is looking to make these sustainable efforts stick with the public in the long term. The road to a more sustainable world is made up of individual contributions. And the beautiful thing about attempting to live a more sustainable life is that no eco-friendly effort is ever too small. Here are 4 easy ways to incorporate eco-friendly habits into your daily routine:

  • Make the switch from plastic to glass. 
  • Swap out your plastic bottles, cups, straws for glass alternatives. Not only does glass last for decades without degrading over time, but it’s easy to clean and safe from BPAs and chemicals. 

  • Walk or bike when possible.
  • Whether this can become a daily habit or a once in a while swap, leaving your car at home to bike or walk to your errands or work will help contribute to lowering air pollution, help you to save money, and allow for a mid-day mental health break.

  • Separate your recyclables
  • Every piece of plastic that was ever made is still here, since it’s impossible to break down in landfill (Ew, let that sink in). That’s why it’s so important to seperate not only your plastics from your trash, but also glass and paper. 

  • Laundry day, but smarter
  • Using cold water to wash your clothes is one of the best lazy girl hacks to living more sustainably (about 90% of energy exerted from your laundry day comes from heating the water). Also, think about hanging your clothes to dry- it’s a zero-emission alternative- and we love that.

    There is no right or wrong when it comes to making an eco-friendly effort- any attempt, is better than none at all. Even if it's a lazy one.

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