Why You Should Consider Ditching Synthetically Dyed Clothing in 2021 | Sustainable Blog Edition #3

Sustainable Blog Edition #3. 3.8.21 - 3:15PM

Unless you’re one of those girls who only wears black, you know that confidence boost you get when stepping out in a bold colored statement ‘fit. An outfit fixed with bold shades can put all eyes on you. Unfortunately, the truth behind synthetically dyed clothing is not so bright. Chemical dyes can include compounds that can put workers in danger, ranging from chlorine bleach to carcinogens such as arylamines. And if these dyes aren’t treated properly, they can, and often do, pollute water supplies. 

Despite their negative impact on workers and the environment, synthetic dyes are cheaper, quicker and easier to use than more eco-friendly alternatives. But in 2021, it’s time to do better. Make a sustainable change in your lifestyle by switching to brands that use natural dyes. Sustainable alternatives to synthetic dyes are natural dyes, like indigo, rose clay, tumeric and green tea. Lazy Hype is committed to using purely natural dyes, made from ingredients so pure that you would find in your grocery store or skincare routine. 

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