4 Ways to Keep a Sustainable Mindset | Sustainable Blog Edition #7

4 Ways to Keep a Sustainable Mindset | Sustainable Blog Edition #7

Sustainable Blog Edition #7. 8.5.21 - 11:00AM

Today, it’s so hard to remember that we’re all human, especially with our society’s focus on social media. It’s okay to make mistakes, even the people who post the perfect Instagrams make them. Yet, sometimes we all need a reminder that you don’t need to change who you are, you just need to be your unfiltered self.

In this blog post, I want to talk about a sustainable mindset. A sustainable mindset is all about accepting yourself including the good and the bad. Focus on your inner values and what you want in life; not everyone has the same path in life, and while yours might take some twists and turns, it’s still what made you who you are today.  

Here are 4 ways to keep a sustainable mindset:

  1. Take time out of your day for self-care. Whether you light a candle, take a bath, go on a walk or read a book; It’s important to take time to focus on yourself. We all get caught up in all the things we have to get done or what’s to come, but try to focus on you and the present moment.
  2. Write in your journal. You can laugh all you want, but sometimes writing is a way to see how far you have come. Not everyday is going to be the best day and that’s okay, we all have our downs that eventually lead to an up.
  3. Make a checklist. This checklist should have a list of all the things you hope to accomplish or work on— so let’s call it the road to self improvement. On this journey, remember that it is okay to fail! These will always be moving targets that you should work towards.
  4. Positive affirmations. Pick three affirmations and repeat it to yourself everyday until they’ve come true. The point of these positive affirmations are to help you overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts. The more you repeat them, the more you’ll start to believe what you’re saying which will lead to positive changes.

Follow these 4 steps and it will lead you to a more sustainable mindset. Sustainability is all about meeting your needs without compromising others. It’s okay to put yourself first or feel your feelings, but staying positive and focusing on the good will only help you soar.

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