The Future of Sustainability in Fashion | Sustainable Blog Edition #28

The Future of Sustainability in Fashion | Sustainable Blog Edition #28

Sustainable Blog Edition #28. May 02, 2022 - 9:12AM

Sustainability in the fashion industry is more than a movement; it’s a solution.

It is an important factor in every stage of a product’s life. from supply chain and production to retail and purchasing, and to the product's end. This starts even with the ideation of the product; keeping the item's end in mind helps a brand to be more sustainable. Choosing to design products in a way that allows them to be recycled more easily in a few years makes a huge difference. A brand choosing to design with raw materials can define up to fifty percent of its environmental footprint. Fashion brands need to consider innovative methods for sourcing waste and recycled materials, and there are becoming more and more ways to do so. 

It is important to inspire conversations about this! Both within the fashion industry and other industries as well to redefine how designers select, source and design with regenerated material! This way we can approach waste as a resource instead of having more landfills filling up.

As brands and fashion designers continue to start adopting a circular approach to product design, we will be able to better see where we can reduce waste and regenerate materials! We can create a new generation of fashion, where innovative style and sustainability exist side-by-side. The possibilities are endless to create all types of sustainable fashion products when we are sourcing renewable materials. We just need to be paying attention:)

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